Obihiro-shi to establish sign language regulation in 2016

July 7, 2015     
The first study meeting for sign 
language regulation establishment 
was held in Obihiro-shi.

Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido:

Obihiro city in Japan's northern island will carry out "Obihiro-shi Sign Language Regulation" (tentative name) in 2016.

The city office held the first study meeting on regulation establishment and exchanged views with a Deaf group on July 6. The group will organize sign language events for the citizens on July 25 for causing of a time.

The regulation, placing sign language as "language", not the means of the interpretation, aims at the environmental development for the ease use of sign language as well as the enlightenment and spread of sign language.

The study meeting plans to make the questionnaire for the citizens on the interest to the sign language and a presence of hearing impairment in July and August. The city will hold the meeting four times by the end of October for developing a rough draft of a regulation.

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