Hard of hearing pitcher visits Deaf school and encourages children

July 14, 2015

Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido:
Ishii Yuya (right) and the Deaf children enjoy a catch.

Ishii Yuya, 34, a hard of hearing pitcher of a professional baseball team, Nippon Meat Packers, visited Obihiro School for the Deaf at Obihiro-shi in Japan's northern island and encouraged the children on July 13.

Since August, 2013, it's the second time that he meet with the students at the School. About 80 people, including the students and their parents, participated in this meet-the-people session.

Ishii answered the question collected beforehand one by one, such like "How can I throw a strike?" "What should I do to raise concentration," etc., and enjoyed a catch with the children  together.

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