Deaf plays shortstop in local high school baseball tournament

July 15, 2015  

Sanda-shi, Hyogo:
Inui Yuto (left), a shortstop, watches 
a movement of an opponent on the 
second base, giving the sign of a check.

Inui Yuto, a senior of a hearing school named  Arima High School, is completely Deaf since the birth. He was selected to the starting member as a shortstop, running through his last summer at the high school at top speed.

He wanted to play soccer originally, but gave it up because the sport depends on sound most of time while moving around intensely. He threw himself into baseball since he was a third grader of elementary school, and did strenuous practice on connection play.

During the local high school baseball tournament this summer, the teammates put up the paper which showed the opponent's batting and ordered a shift of defense, supporting Inui. They also learned sign language and the manual alphabets. Inui says, "I am fortunate to have such good friends."

He hope to become a PE teacher at a special support school.

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