Deaf persons observe discussions through interpreting at city assembly

July 10, 2015  
Plenary session of the Takamatsu city assembly 
which arranged the interpreters.

Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa:

Takamatsu city assembly in western Japan put the arrangement of an interpreting system into effect for the first time in the regular assembly plenary session held on July 10. Three deaf persons who visited in hearing were provided with the service by two interpreters.

The interpreting system is a part of efforts for "an open assembly." Interpreting is arranged for free of charge at the plenary session and the committee meetings when a Deaf wishes to have it for hearing.

One of the Takamatsu Deaf Association board members said, "I'm very happy that the system offers Deaf persons the equal opportunity with hearing persons. I understood what the assembly members discussed well. I'd like to hear sometimes."

 The city council secretariat hopes for the Deaf persons to use the system to learn what is going on in the assembly meeting. 

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