Deaf catcher defeated in 4th game of high school baseball tournament

July 15, 2015

The third game of the Eastern Tokyo Tournament for the National High School Baseball Conference was held in Tokyo on July 15, 2015. 

Tamada Sora, the only Deaf student in Omori High School in Tokyo, was a catcher in the baseball club at school. He gave a timely three-base hit across the inside off in the 8th inning leading to a victory.

Result: Omori HS 5-3 Komaba HS of Nippon Institute of Technology 

Omori HS team goes into the 4th game after ten year.

Japanese source:

In the next
Tamada runs up to a mound on the table 
in the fourth inning, holds the pitcher 
around with his mitt, and encourages him.  

game against the strong contestant Kanto First High School on July 18, Tamada fully appeared as the "fourth batter and a catcher." However, he fell a strikeout in the seventh inning of third turns at bat and ended in no hit in three at bats.

Tamara told the reporter through writing, "Being no regret by the last a.b., I was swinging a bat to the fullest. It was the best strikeout ever."

Result: Kanto First HS 9-0 Omori HS

The Omori HS team cheered Kanto First HS for advancing to the National High School Baseball Conference at Koshien in Hyogo Prefecture early August. 

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