Cafe where sign language can be learned casually opens

July 3, 2015

Akita-shi, Akita:
Nimura (left) teaches sign 
language in communication.

The cafe called "Coffee & Knit  IVY" where visitors can learn practical sign language while having a chat is opened at Akita-shi in northeastern Japan.

A cafe owner Takahata Miyuki, 42, met a Deaf resident Nimura Takashi in a sign language club. He teaches sign language at elementary schools and the sign language club of a university. He is also a regular customer in the cafe.

Nimura had hoped that sign language would became closer to hearing people, and told Takahata about it. The sign language club in the cafe started in September, 2014. It holds twice a month. You can learn sign language freely at ease enjoying coffee, tea and a snack.

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