Successful sign language festival held

June 23, 2015  

Ishikari-shi, Hokkaido:
The participant learns basic sign language and  
and fingerspelling at a hands-on corner.

The "Ishikari Sign Language Festival" took place for the first time at Hanakawa North Community Center in Ishikari-shi located in Japan's north island on June 21. The event offered the participants an opportunity to experience charm of sign language through a comic act and a play, attracting about 300 people including related groups.

Many people lined up in a sign language hands-on corner with a Deaf person. Also people were talking with the fingerspelling and sign language here and there in the place.

To commemorate that the "Basic Sign Language Regulation in Ishikari-shi (Sign Language Regulation)" was carried out for the first time at towns and villages in the whole country in April, 2014, the organizing committee, consisted of six groups including sign language clubs in the city, held the event.

The committee said, "As long as there was no sign language regulation in Ishikari, even if we had the same event, few participants would show up. We are very happy to see the children challenging sign language positively."

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