Photographs of bombed Old Urakami Cathedral taken by Deaf man

May 30, 2015
Outer wall in Old Urakami Cathedral  
bombed and fell in
(photograph by Inoue Koji )

Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture:

The "Inoue Koji's Photography: Gunkanjima and Nagasaki" is exhibited at present at the Nagasaki Prefecture Art Museum in  Nagasaki-shi. Inoue Koji (1919-93) was a well-known Deaf photographer.

Photographs of Old Urakami Cathedral destroyed by an atom bomb are displayed in a glass case in this exhibition. About a photograph after bombing on Old Urakami Cathedral, the U.S. forces in those days took one as record, but it's very rare that a Japanese person took a photograph of it.

In April, negatives of the photographs were found. Inoue's family says that the back of a photograph printed from one of five negatives had a message "January, 1948" by Inoue himself. 

Two of the five photographs discovered capture a view of the outer wall fell in. There was also a photograph of the saint image which paused taken near Old Urakami Cathedral in ruin. It is said that these photographs are the valuable materials that show power of a nuclear weapon and damage to be remembered as well as valuable as a work.

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