National Deaf Surfing Tournament held in Shima-shi

June 1, 2015      
National Deaf Surfing Tournament "All Japan Deaf Cup"

Shima City, Mie Prefecture:

The 12th All Japan Deaf Cup, a national tournament, was held by Japanese Deaf Surfing Association (JDSA) at Kohama, Shima City on May 30.

On the day, before the event, the 36th NSA Deaf Chapter Preliminary took place sponsored by Nippon Surfing Association (NSA), in which about 40 Deaf surfers participated from the whole country.

JDSA, established as a represented group in 1978 to integrate Deaf surfers, is active including understanding of Deaf surfers, environment protection, several surfing contests held yearly, the "Deaf Chapter Preliminary"to select representatives for the National Championships, etc. 

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