"I Can Sign" badge for hearing person to help Deaf in emergency

May 19, 2015     
"I Can Sign" badges

Yosano town, Kyoto Prefecture:
 A listener for a person with hearing impairments for the network organization made with 

The Northern Network Committee based in Yosano town works to develop living abundant for Deaf and speech disorder persons in Kyoto, consisting of Deaf organizations in the North region of Kyoto Prefecture. They has produced an "I Can Sign" badge to shows the wearer who is hearing is able to sign. 

A "badge," diameter 3.8 centimeters, has four kinds of clip system badges, key chains and straps in addition to a pin badge, and three types of color for choice;  red, yellow and green.

The explosive accident occurred by a fireworks event at Fukuchiyama-shi in Kyoto in August, 2013 was the reason for making this badge.

A Deaf man came to the site to see fireworks on the day, and found out that something serious has occurred, but he could not hear what a broadcast said. There were many people around there then, but he did not know who could sign by a look. So the Network Committee took it up as an agenda to make a badge.

Hearing persons who can sign puts a badge on the bag. When some accident happens, they make it easy for a Deaf person to notice it.

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