Hard of hearing woman opens coffee shop 

June 11, 2015   
Nishino has started a coffee shop recently.

Tokushima-shi, Tokushima Prefecture:

Nishino Miyoko, 60, who carries on a boutique at Tokushima-shi in western Japan, remodeled half of the women's wear floor to set up a counter with six seats as a tearoom space in March. 

The tea party which visitors talk about various themes is also held on Tuesday every week, and it's being the salon-like location in the area.
Nishino became hard of hearing because of a stress at 35 years old. There was also time when she moped, but she is working cheerfully at present.
The service to the visitor isn't easy: when failing to understand each other, a visitor gets angry and leaves the shop. Still she tries to read a lip movement, using the residual hearing and gestures as possible as she can, while managing the two spaces -- dress making and coffee shop -- by herself.
She says, "I have wanted to make a community in the area. I hope everyone drops in casually."

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