"Flip cartoon" to introduce the fact of hearing loss

June 9, 2015

Toyonaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture:

Ando Miki, 46, a Deaf woman living at Toyonaka-shi in the prefecture, serves as the chief director of the non-profit organization corporated called "MAMIE" which works on support learning of children with disabilities and computer lessons, etc.

She is collecting funds of cartoon film production until 11:00pm on June 9 through "cloud funding" in order to spread understanding of hearing loss.

Ando exhibited a work of "flip cartoon" on You Tube in 2014. She said, "I'd like to make a work to make the public consider a person with hearing loss."

Japanese source:

Ando's works:
What is a hearing dog? (English caption)

What is deafness?

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