Deaf woman active related to LGBT issues

June 5, 2015  
Yamamoto Fuyumi 
Nagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture:
There is survey result that LGBT calls one against 13 persons in Japan, as well as ones in the Deaf community in the country.

Yamamoto Fuyumi, 33, a Deaf woman living in Osaka-shi, has  carried on the activity related to sexual diversity, spoke to about 60 participants in the lecture held in Nagoya-shi at the end of May, "LGBT is also an identity as deafness."

Yamamoto noticed when she was in the first year at high school in Osaka that she might like a woman. She consulted her mother, who said from the experience with her homosexual friends, "I think that's good because it is a natural thing."

Yamamoto went to a university in Kyoto and learned feminism, getting involved in the activity of a LGBT club, etc.

Ryo, 35, a Deaf transgender whom Yamamoto married in 2007, works as a nursing home staff. He was born as a girl, and became a man on the family census register after operation in Thailand.

Yamamoto set up a support group called "Deaf LGBT Center" in May, 2014. It was a trigger that one of her Deaf LGBT acquaintances committed suicide after breaking off relations with the family. Yamamoto will go to the U.S.A this summer to study at Gallaudet University.

The first National Deaf Sexual Minority Conference will be held in Tokyo on June 20-21 this year.

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