Deaf students connects with Taiwanese counterparts thorough videophone

June 9, 2015

Ichikawa-shi, Chiba Prefecture

Students at Tsukuba University Special Support School for the Deaf located at Konodai, Ichikawa-shi near Tokyo communicated using an Internet phone "Skype" with students of a Taiwanese school for the deaf "Taipei Municipal Keisou School" on June 5. 

The communication between two groups of Deaf students took place through four languages, Japanese Sign Language, spoken Japanese, spoken Chinese and Chinese Sign Language.

Seventeen Japanese students and sixteen Taiwanese counterparts explained the features of the school and an interesting place around, respectively, on the videophone. A Japanese student introduced Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Skytree Tower which can be viewed from the dormitory.

One of the Japanese students said, "Taiwanese Sign Language was akin to Japanese Sign Language, some signs of which I understood."

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