Deaf person lectures on deafness at elementary school

June 25, 2015   
Iwamoto Yoshimasa gives 
a lecture using sign language.

Miki-shi, Hyogo Prefecture:

Iwamoto Yoshimasa, 39, Chairperson  of Amagasaki Deaf Society, gave a lecture entitled "It's difficult to hear, what kind of this?" on June 25 at the Minagidai Elementary School in Miki-shi near Osaka, in which total of 85 pupils, their guardians, local residents and others participated. 

Iwamoto told them how to come into contact with a Deaf person, including his own experience, how to sign, etc. through interpreting.

He learned as a little boy that everything in the room had a name or word by seeing the card attached to something;  he always watched teacher's action because he was unable to hear the sound of the whistle during pooling before carrying out, etc.

Iwamoto also called attention; When meeting a Deaf person, speak clearly in front of him; when walking with a Deaf person, the person who notices approach of a car by sound walks the roadway side on his own initiative.

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