Deaf man opens Chinese noodles store

Takasaki-shi, Gunma:

Tokizawa Tadayoshi, 41, started a store of Chinese noodles called "Ramen Atelier Toki-chan" (photo left) at Takasaki-shi north of Tokyo in November, 2014. The gentle taste with the seafood and the soup stock of a chicken is poplar.

Tokizawa was working for the company which produces auto parts, but he determined on a dropping out of the company, made a series of research by himself and started a ramen store.

However, he was unable to make the flavor of ramen at first. There were a lot of visitors confused at being unable to communicate with the Deaf owner, too. So customers were few and far between.

It started to appear on a local newspaper as a result of  Tokizawa's efforts in improving the taste of the ramen soup three times.

To help Tokizawa aware of what is up in the store, how did he devise? A meal ticket vending machine (photo right) was introduced first, and made sure that the visitor can order. A mirror was installed in the kitchen during cooking, which made sure that Tokizawa is able to keep seeing the customers moving in and out, too while cooking. So when a visitor goes out of the store, he would show his gratitude.

Then some change occurred. A customer proposes to add plum vinegar to secret ingredient, some other helps to take an order. Various people came to follow Tokizawa up. His store got off the ground to a good start finally in this way.

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