Deaf fusal team plays harder in prefecture league 

June 12, 2015

Urayasu-shi, Chiba Prefecture:

The Deaf futsal team called "Bardral URAYASU Defio" at Urayasu-shi in the prefecture next to Tokyo keeps challenging a hearing league.

"Bardral URAYASU Defio" started in March, 2014 as a subsidiary team to a strong contestant of the Japanese futsal league (F league), "Bardral URAYASU," joining the third group of the prefecture futsal league this spring. 

The "Defio" teammates aims at the further top, saying, "Even if impossible to hear, we devise how to overcome and unite as a team, we can be stronger."

Eleven out of the 14 players in the "Defio" are Deaf/deaf. They use an eye contact, stamp their feet, give a signal, etc. for communication during play. They are requested to broaden their horizons and grasp the whole, and at the same time sense surrounding circumstances while moving. 

The prefecture's third league consisted of 12 teams. "Defio" won the game to get qualified as an entry team in March, achieving promotion after a year of its foundation.

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