Assembly members with disabilities exchange views about barrier free in assembly activities

Saito Makoto (left) and Fujita Yoshio

Hori Toshikaze (left) and Saito Rie 

June 14, 2015    
An event took place in Kita-ku, Tokyo on June 13, and four current and former assembly members with disabilities exchanged their opinions about social involvement of persons with disabilities. 

Attended were: Saito Makoto, 55, the first wheelchair member of Nagoya-shi Assembly in his sixth term, Hori Toshikazu, 65, a former House of Councilors member with visual impairment, Fujita Yoshio, 67, a former assembly member of Nagaoka-shi, Niigata Prefecture who is visually impaired using a guide dog during his term for the first time in Japan, and Saito Rie, 31, a newly elected Deaf assembly member. 

They discussed the barrier free situation of the assembly, and appealed, "The society which excludes persons with disabilities can be changed by themselves."

Saito, known as "writing hostess" because of deafness and elected by Kita-ku assembly election in April, stated that the system that the system that changes voices to text for the first time in the country was introduced in the assembly after election.

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