Special TV program on life of deafblind wife aired

Hisayo (left) talks to Yoshihiko 
through tactile signing.
NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai), a national broadcasting company,  collected data on living of the married couple from summer of 2014 until spring, 2015 and televised on May 3 with the title, "Happy search for an elderly couple without seeing and hearing".

Umeki Yoshihiko, 68, and his wife Hisayo, 65 live in a small village in a gorge in Tango Peninsula in Kyoto Prefecture which faces the Sea of Japan.

Hisayo who lost seeing and hearing both in the second half of forties met and married Yoshihiko, who was a volunteer then, in fifties.

They cultivate the fields and carry on a life near self-sufficiency while communicating through "tactile signing".

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