Special sticker asking for support to person with hearing loss

May 16, 2015  
The sticker to tell that the user is hearing loss. 
It can be put in a nameplate when to use.
(picture: http://mainichi.jp)

Oita-shi, Oita Prefecture:

The Oita Prefecture Association of the Hard of Hearing in Japan's southern island has begun to distribute the special sticker which tells the surrounding people that the user is hearing-impaired and sign language/ writing is needed for communication/information. 

Such as not hearing a warning and guidance at a shelter at the time of a disaster, disadvantage is easy to put on a person with hearing loss who cannot be distinguished by the appearance. Putting on the sticker will get help at once. 

The sticker is purchased in bulk from a non-profit organization in Tokyo which manufactured it taking the Great Eastern Earthquake in 2011 as an opportunity. The sticker has been distributed to a person with hearing loss in the prefecture for free of charge through the city office. 

The hearing-impaired person who always puts on the special sticker explained, "A shop assistant prepares a pencil and paper at a department store, a nurse speaks by sign language at a hospital. In daily life the sticker has the immediate effect".

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