Social welfare department staff practice how to sign every morning

May 11, 2015     
The staff of the social welfare department learn 
sign language with Sakai Mayumi (third from left)

Ono-shi, Hyogo Prefecture:

Ono-shi, Hyogo Prefecture next to Osaka in western Japan arranged two staff, Yokoyama Masahiko, 53, as section chief, and Sakai Mayumi, 50, both of whom can sign, in the social welfare department in April in order to meet the communication needs of signing citizens.

About 20 staff of the department are learning how to sign for 5 minutes every morning before desk opens since April 2, instructed by Sakai who was employed as a part time non regular interpreter in April.

The staff said enthusiastically; "We would like to make the citzens who are Deaf visit the city office at ease".

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