Sign language subject established in university's language study course

May 16, 2015  
27 freshmen are learning how to express 
a last name in the sign language class.

Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki:

Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University located in Japan's southern island established "sign language" as one of the language study subjects (the 2nd foreign language) in a basic course in April, 2015.

There is a movement at present which places sign language as a language and asks the Government for the Sign Language Regulation establishment to secures a Deaf person's right using sign language. Following the movement, the university has the idea that interpreting links the field besides the welfare to the upbringing of human resources.

There are universities and junior colleges in the the prefecture that provide a course on sign language as a communication subject in a general course or the welfare-related course. It's for the first time that sign language is introduced into a language study subject in the whole course.

Tottori Prefecture established the Sign Language regulation for the first time in Japan in 2014, advancing the environmental improvement that sign language is easy to use. The Nagasaki Prefecture Association of the Deaf says that the every assembly, including the prefecture and all the cities/towns, has adopted the opinion document in 2014 asking for sign language regulation establishment.

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