Sign language cafe to secure job for Deaf persons

May 7, 2015  

Yanagi Masahiro, the owner in front of the soup cafe "Sign With Me" (right)

Popular cafe with women


When you enter an ordinary soup cafe in Tokyo, and look around inside, a Deaf staff makes gestures with a soft smiling face for a seat.

You would get confused at a moment, but notice that there are no troubles when pointing to the menu and ordering.

This soup cafe called "Sign With Me" uses Japanese Sign Language as an official language. The cafe owner and staff are all Deaf. Not only Deaf people out of Tokyo who learned about the cafe visit from the whole country, but also the other local people as well as University of Tokyo students love the cafe. 

Yanagi Masahiro, 42, the Deaf owner of "Sign With Me" explained about his job experience. When he worked dealing with support person with disabilities who start working before he noticed the workplace that tended to settle was different depending on the kinds of disabilities. He says, "A high fixed rate of Deaf persons was when they had discretionary power more than the workplace where showed tendency to function."

"Sign With Me", which started in 2011 after many twists, especially stresses the consciousness as ownership for each staff by playing the leading role.

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