Pictures of Battleship Island taken by Deaf photographer exhibited

May 23, 2015    
One of the pictures of Gunkanjima 
(Battleship Island) at prosperous time
(possessed by Inoue Koji Photo Studio)

Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture:

The pictures which caught the form that Hashima coal mine in Nagasaki-shi in Japan's southern island was once prosperous are exhibited at Nagasaki Prefecture Art Museum for the first time until July 26. 

Hashima coal mine (commonly called Gunkanjima, meaning Battleship Island) is one of the Japanese pieces recommended for a registration in the world cultural heritage
Inoue Koji (1919-1993), a well-known Deaf photographer, took the pictures in 1958, each of which reminds of the past of the ruined island. Each exhibited picture was taken in 1958 when about 5,000 people swelled up in Battleship Island which looks like a battleship afar.

Hashima coal mine where good coal was collected was an islet located in about 20 kilometers of southwest in Nagasaki harbor. Collective housing of Japan's first ferroconcrete with constructed one as a start in the Taisho Era (1912–1926), and later high building in the housing where a worker and the family lived and the school crowded. The island became an uninhabited in 1974 after the mine was closes down.

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Video: Hashima Island (Battleship Island)

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