More professionals in real-time caption service needed

May 8, 2015   
The real-time caption service is provided 
for a person with hearing loss (right).


After Tottori Prefecture established the Sign Language Regulation in October, 2013, a dispatch request of a real-time captioning as well as interpreting is increasing rapidly in the prefecture. 

However, the number of the persons engaged in real-time caption service doesn't increase, so it is the situation that operates at full capacity with the limited work force. Even a training course on captioning attracts few people.

According to the Prefecture Association of the Deaf which dispatches a note-taker/captioner, the dispatch number in 2012 before the Sign Language Regulation establishment was 90 cases, but in the previous year increased to 139 cases, about six times more, most of which a group requested in particular.

On the other hand, even including the "note taking volunteers", about 70 persons have been registered under the prefecture as a note-taker/captioner in recent years. Many of them work on weekdays, too. 


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