Lecture meeting held on Tottori Prefecture's work to set sign language regulation

May 22, 2015
Ishibashi (left) from Tottori Prefecture 
Federation of the Deaf introduced 
work on sign language regulation.
Nagano-shi, Nagano Prefecture:

Nagano Prefecture, which currently works to establish "Sign Language Regulation to the spread of sign language (tentative name)," held the lecture meeting in Nagano-shi on May 21, aiming to learn Tottori Prefecture's work which realized its Sign Language Regulation for the first time nationwide in October, 2013. About 50 people attended from Deaf groups in Nagano Prefecture.

Ishibashi Daigo, 42, Secretary-general of Tottori Prefecture Federation of the Deaf, introduced works that spread awareness of sign language by the new regulation, such as holding of a sign language class in the local areas and enterprises, interpreting during the governor regular press conference. He also spoke about problems such as lack of interpreters, etc.

At the prefecture level, only three prefectures, Tottori, Kanagawa and Gunma, have established the regulation related to sign language according to the Nagano Prefecture  Disabilities Support Department. Nagano Prefectural Governor pledged on regulation establishment in 2014, and the department will develop a regulation gist plan around September.

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