Interpreter group donates testimony collection on Deaf survivors of the atomic bombing

May 14, 2015  
The interpreter group branch chief (right) 
presents a testimony collection on Deaf 
survivors of the atomic bombing to the 
superintendent of educational board (the right).

Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture:

The Nagasaki branch of the National Interpreting Problem Study Group (about 250 members) in Nagasaki-shi, part of Japan's southern island, presented 114 copies of the testimony collection on Deaf survivors of the atomic bombing titled "Let the Hands Tell" to the Nagasaki municipal board of education as 70th anniversary on May 12. 

These copies will be distributed to all the elementary schools, junior high schools and the municipal Nagasaki trade high school in the city.

The Nagasaki branch, established in 1983, worked on the activity that the members recorded an experience of a Deaf survivor of the atomic bombing in sign language and published a documentary booklet in 1986, which described the growth and after-bombing circumstances as well as a life experience of the Deaf survivors in detail. Interviewing and writing of an experience of two Deaf people is continued at present.

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