Imperial couple visit special support school

May 17, 2015   
The emperor and empress (right) visit the class that 
the students learn a lesson on sale and service.

Ishikawa Prefecture:

The emperor and empress visited Ishikawa Prefecture by Hokuriku Shinkansen on May 16 to attend the 66th National Arbor Day ceremony to be held in Komatsu-shi on May 17.

They made a visit to the Prefecture Meiwa Special Support School in Nonoshi and observed the class which the students learned how to make a sale, and later enjoyed a Japanese drum performance by a group of students.

Her Majesty the Empress spoke to one of the students who played a drum after the performance, using sign language, "Thank you for your good performance. Please do your best further". The student answered in sign language, "Thank you very much" with a smiling face. She said happily to the reporter happily, "It is like a dream".

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