French Deaf actress visits Japan to promote barrier-free viewing in theater  

April 22, 2015 

The film titled "Marie's Story" is about a bond between a Deafblind girl and a nun in charge of her education in France in the end of the 19th century.

Ariana Rivoire, the French Deaf actress who performed a Deafblind girl in the film, visited Japan. She was interviewed at the Japanese Foreign Correspondent Society in Tokyo on April 21 in order to promote the spread of a barrier-free viewing though caption, sub voices, sign language, etc. (photo:

Such a work for the film was decided to solicit the production costs of 500,000 yen to put sub voices by cloud funding for the first time.

"Marie's Story" is based on the true story of Marie Huertin, who continued her education at the institute and lived there until her death at the age of 36. Ariana said, "The film has a very important message. In France, persons with disabilities enjoyed the movie, it was captioned".

The film "Marie's Story" will be released in Tokyo on July 6th.

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