First Deaf assembly member elected attends first plenary session in Akashi

May 15, 2015  
Yanetani Atsuko  (front) votes for the chairperson 
election on the floor. An interpreter stands behind.

Akashi-shi, Hyogo Prefecture:

Yanetani Atsuko, 55, has won her first election by Akashi-shi Assembly election in April as one of the fixed 30 members. She attended the first plenary session on May 15.

Her daughters grasped a microphone interpreting what Yanetani signed at the street in the election race. She got 2,994 votes, elected as the 18th member successfully.

The chairperson and a vice-chairman were elected in the morning at the plenary session on this day. Two interpreters who were arranged by the city stood in turn on on the floor .

Yanetani stated about her first official meeting, "I was very tense, but it was also easy to follow what was interpreted and understood it  as well. I'd like to do my best like everyone in the assembly."

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