Deaf couples participate in a sign language wedding experience sampling party

April 29, 2015
Wedding sampling party 
attended by Deaf couples

Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido:

A sign language wedding experience sampling party was held on April 24 at the restaurant called "Sentir La Saison Nakajima Park" at Sapporo-shi in Japan's northern island. It is operated by the company "GLOVE ENTERTAINMENT, Inc." which manages wedding business.

The company and Sapporo Association of the Deaf planned a project cooperatively. It was the second time since the company offered a wedding plan with sign language.

This project has started with Saito Kaname, a Deaf woman, who serves as a project leader and leads sign language lessons for the staff all to enhance an understanding of Deaf persons.

Six sets of Deaf couple participated on the day. While Saito explained a concept of the project by sign language first, and then with BGM a quiet sampling party started. Casual consideration was seen such as when the staff served using sign language, the participants showed a smiling face. A performance went on such as the flame which can be enjoyed visually, and a staff kept rhythm by clapping by sound rather bigger than usual.

Saito attended a special support school and hearing school, After graduation, she worked as the edit operator of a bridal magazine which helped her gain knowledge of bridal industry. She belongs to Sapporo Association of the Deaf, playing an active part as a sign language lecturer, too. She said she wanted to use more her experience, getting a job at the company two years ago.

Most participants gave a comment, "A staff used sign language, so, I felt relaxed."

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