Broadcast Captioning Center opens

May 3, 2015   
A staff is working on subtitles using a computer.

Wakuya-cho, Miyagi Prefecture:

The "Wakuya Broadcast Captioning Center" which makes closed captions on a TV program opened at Wakuya-cho in northeastern Japan.

The center, which an enterprise in the town operates on the property owned by the town, is a starting working support facilities where persons with disabilities carry subtitles making. It has covenanted with Walt Disney Japan for subtitles of a broadcast animation program on "Disney Channel".

Ten staff were trained how to produce subtitles in autumn, 2014 for technical skills, and six persons with disabilities have worked since April this year.

About 50 town executives attended an opening ceremony of the center on April 24. Executive director of the project, greeted saying, "We hope to hire 40 persons with disabilities in the future".

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