Akashi-shi to provide interpreting service for Deaf assembly member

May 18, 2015  

Akashi-shi, Hyogo Prefecture:

To accommodate the first-elected Deaf assembly member nationwide, Yanetani Atsuko, 55, the Akashi-shi assembly secretariat made the policy clear on May 18 that it puts interpreters at a public expense when she attends assembly activity such as a plenary session and a committee. The budget of 4,000,000 yen will be proposed as the interpreting compensation cost for this fiscal year.

When Yanetani attends an assembly members conference during assembly closure, interpreters will be arranged. When there is a report and the explanation from the assembly secretariat, the use of the municipal staff who can sign for interpreting is also considered.

Meanwhile, Yanetani will arrange an interpreter personally in the independent political activity that requests hearing from a local resident. An agreement change is considered in order to outlay from the political cost of activity (80,000 yen a month).

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