90% of schools use sign language handbook for beginners

May 24, 2015

Tottori Prefecture:

The Prefecture Education Board has edited and distributed the sign language handbook for beginners and advanced learners. It conduced a survey on learning situations about sign language" targeted for the elementary and junior high schools, the high schools and the special support schools directed by the board in February, 2015.

Responded by 132 elementary schools, 63 junior high schools, 33 high schools and 10 special support schools, the Board found out that about 90% of the schools use the beginning level of the handbook, while about 75% of schools for the advanced level of the handbook.  

Many schools use the handbook in a morning meeting, etc. in addition to a classroom lesson, which seems related to continued learning by a short time.

Such as an opportunity to brush sign language up for the teaching staff from now on, the Board will advance substantiality of educational environment.

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