Investigation found more students with disabilities enrolled in higher education

April 10, 2015  

An investigation of the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) showed on April 10 that the number of the students with disabilities enrolled in a university/junior college/ technical college was 14,127 current as of May 1, 2014; more 678 than the previous year, which makes the largest number since an investigation took place in 2005. 

All 1,185 schools in Japan, including the national, public, and private schools were involved in the investigation.

It was 70% of 833 schools that enrolled a student  with disabilities; 3,037 students with delicate health which was dominant, followed by 2,722 developmental disability,  2,534 physical impairment, and 1,654 hearing loss/speech disorder.

It was found 639 schools doing some support, such as arrangement of a special classroom, the location of a seat, note taking, interpreting, etc.

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