French movie of DeafBlind girl to be captioned for showing in Japan

April 6, 2015  
Woking on a barrier free edition of the film

"Marie’s Story" (French: Marie Heurtin) is a  French biographical film directed by Jean-Pierre Améris in 2014, is based on the true story of Marie Heurtin—a young girl who was born deaf and blind in late 19th century France. 

The actress who played the role of Mary was a twenty-year-old Deaf woman herself. 

The film which won the Variety Piazza Grande Award at the 67th Locarno International Film Festival will be shown in June, 2015 in Japan.

A move has been promoted to produce a barrier free edition of the film for the public as an opportunity; inserting subtitles for a Deaf/hard of hearing person, and an audio information with supplementing the situation explanation for a person with visual impairment in order to enjoy the movie well.

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