Film "The Tribe": Deaf actress to greet through video remote interpreting first in Japan

April 22, 2015  
Testing VRI in the theater 

The marvelously controversial film titled "The Tribe", which won a Critic Week grand prize at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2014, was released at a theater (Euro Space, etc.) in Tokyo on April 18. 

There are no voices and music at all, and subtitles don't also even exist, no dubbing. All characters are Deaf. Excited tweets are spread over an unprecedented movie experience consisted of only sign language one after another from the audience who has finished seeing it.

The event which is performed using the "video remote  interpreting" system that corporation SHUARU offers will take place on April 24 when a star actress Yana Novikova will greet from Belarus where she currently lives, a kind of the first VRI across the borders.

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