Deafblind woman writes book on her life

April 10, 2015
New book 
Ara Miyuki helped by interpretation 
through an expanded finger braille.

 Ara Miyuki, 26, lost both hearing and sight at the same time due an incurable disease at the age of 22. She recently wrote a book titled "A Future through a Palm: The Story of a Female University Student Who Become Helen Keller" (Asahi Shimbun Publication), based on her suffering experience that she went through. Ara says, "I want to say you can find happiness depending on how you feel."

When she was a student majoring in French at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo, light and sound were taken away by the sickness that a tumor can have a nerve all over the body. After spending about one year at a hospital, she returned to school. Her friends at the university helped her with taking a note and accompanying her to school back and forth, etc, and she graduated last year.

She was unable to accept a sudden disability, and kept crying at a hospital. Before starting writing a book, she asked for a record of a nurse and doctors about her medical situation in reference. She says, "It was necessary to look at the part where I was weak in order to advance forward myself". The information terminal by a braille was used for writing.

Ara is one of the board members of the Tokyo DeafBlind Organization, carrying on lecture activity at present.

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