Deaf woman newly hired promises hard work

April 2, 2015

Kusatsu-shi, Shiga Prefecture:

The fiscal year starts on April 1 for every field including governments, companies, schools, etc. in Japan.

The Shiga Prefecture Small and Medium Enterprises Association held a combined initiation ceremony for 39 new employees hired by 19 companies at a hotel in Kusatsu-shi next to Kyoto in western Japan on April 1.

The Association has held the event since 18 years ago in order for the new employees to realize the small number of employment by their company and to promote the awareness that they have stepped out to the business world.

Okawa Aoi, 22, newly hired by the real estate business called "Peer Life" in Otsu-shi, stood on the platform representing the new employees of each company. She spoke about her deafness and then made a resolution: "We have been supported by others until this day, but it will be our turn to contribute to society. We're determined to work well and to try to grow better".

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