Deaf man in samurai age played in TV drama: Sugi Toshisaburo

Morinaga Yuki, a hearing actor
The main character of a long-running historical drama series on NHK TV titled "Hana Moyu", which is being broadcast since January, 2015, is Sugi Fumi, the younger sister of Yoshida Shoin, the well-known educator in the late 1800's. 

Sugi Toshisaburo, their younger brother who was born Deaf and the youngest child of the Sugi family, has appeared on this drama, played by a hearing actor Morinaga Yuki.

In the drama, Toshisaburou is thoughtful and kind, drawn as the existence with which the family's bond is always connected. He is expressed as the best understanding and encouraging person for his reserved elder sister Fumi.

According to related materials, "Toshisaburo was polite and cared for the people around him". At that time there was no formal sign language yet, and apparently the home signs were used in the Sugi family. 

In the drama, when necessary, Toshisaburo played by Morinaga always carries the paper and the brush with him for a conversation by means of writing, or uses a stick to write on the ground when wanting to tell something. 

Morinaga says, "I have tried to use a body movement to convey a message because I am not expected to use spoken language, consulting with the director and a Deaf advisor.

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