Deaf guide service for Deaf tourist starts 

April 11, 2015   
A volunteer tour guide (left) explains 
an interesting spot to a Deaf group.

Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture:

Kanazawa-shi located in Japan's northern region made the volunteer tour guide who guides in sign language for the Deaf tourist start from April. It is the first time to provide such a service by an autonomous body nationwide.

The Kanazawa-shi Welfare Society of the Deaf, entrusted by the city office, put into effect. To work as a tour guide, four Deaf residents completed a sightseeing course at Kanazawa Volunteer University.

The Society already offered about 30 cases last year. They will have a group of 20-30 Deaf persons from the metropolitan area in May and June.

The tour guide is free, and the tourist is required to pay the transportation cost, the entrance fee, etc. for the tour guide.

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