Deaf cartoonist engages in projects

March 29, 2015  
Uehara Mami with her hearing dog
Illustration of the picture-card 
show that Uehara drew 

Yonabaru-choi, Okinawa Prefecture:

The Deaf-born woman named Uehara Mami, 51, who lives in Okinawa, Japan's southern island, liked drawing a picture when she was young and learned an illustration in earnest at a design college.

She published a book about her life with a hearing dog as well as other three comic books so far. She drew an illustration of a picture-card show about a folk tale in her area which is appreciated by kindergarten children and others.

Uehara is also working on e-book of the other cartoon series while challenges to draw a cartoon in order to stop euthanization of dogs and cats at present.

Japanese source:

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