Sign language poster to be distributed in the whole town 

About 4000 copies of the A2-sized sign language 
poster will be distributed to every household.
February 26, 2015  

Shintoku-cho, Hokkaido:

Shintoku-cho, a town located in Hokkaido, Japan's norther island, established a Sign Language Regulation for the first time at towns and villages in the whole country in March, 2014.

The regulation research council which settled on a draft of the ordinance of "Basic Regulation About Sign Language" manufactures a poster of sign language, distributes it to about 3,300 households of town and puts up it in each public facilities soon.

The poster introduces sign language related to the town clearly by an illustration as well as "dialect" of the sign language that the Deaf town residents use daily.

Production of a sign language poster is the first time in about 30 years, according the town office.

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