Shilwatch, "wristwatch-type terminal" popular at unexpected places

March 18, 2015  

Saito Masaru, a hearing-loss man aged 85, is currently president of Tokyo Shinyu, the company that produces and sales the daily living equipment in Tokyo. At the age of 74, he developed a terminal of the wristwatch type called "Shilwatch" to support a life of a Deaf/hard of hearing person.

Shilwatch conveys various information by vibration and liquid crystal display. It is connected with an intercom to tell the user about a visitor, or it is connected with the telephone to tell the arrival of a fax. Moreover when using a special pin microphone, Shilwatch reacts to baby's cry and vibrates.

Actually Shilwatch is used at an unexpected place, getting popular. For example some staff uses the device to get only one staff without bothering anyone else at a store/commercial establishment.

Even in the factory that big sound is ringing to warn for an error often unnoticed by a worker, Shilwatch is also connected with a manufacturing machine at a production site so that it tells error occurrence to the person in charge at once. By doing it, reduction in loss and efficiency are achieved.

Moreover, Shilwatch achieves service improvement such as it is used to call a student part-timer at a university library which requires a quiet environment. 

Shilwatch may be a quite multi-purposed tool, such as using as a kitchen timer, a crime prevention tool at home/office, a emergency contact tool at the time of disaster, etc.

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This company has a branch office in the UK according to the website.

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