Okinawa University joins national organization for deaf students support, first in prefecture 

March 13, 2015  

Okinawa Prefecture:

Okinawa University in Japan's southern island joined the organization called the "PEPNet-Japan" (a sister organization of the Postsecondary Education Network in the US)  which supports the Deaf student who attends an institution of higher education in Japan, being the first in the Okinawa Prefecture, and the second in the Kyushu and Okinawa area.

 PEPNet-Japan has memberships of 20 colleges/universities and two organizations in Japan at present, holding meetings and workshops for information sharing and developing teaching materials, etc. 

Okinawa University started the committee on campus to support a Deaf/hearing loss student in 2004. Since then a student volunteer ha taken notes for a Deaf/hearing loss student instead in the classroom; a coordinator for Deaf support has offered counseling on the student life. 

The disability support coordinator plans to deepen cooperation by sharing of know-how going around each university in the prefecture from now on.

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