Deaf school prepares for nuclear accident by evacuation drill

March 5, 2015  

Matsue-shi, Shimane Prefecture:

In preparation for an accident of Chugoku Electric Power Shimane nuclear power plant located in western Japan, an evacuation drill took place on March 4 at the Prefecture Matsue School for the Deaf in Matsue-shi southern about 4.5 kilometers from the nuclear power plant.

Assuming that the no.2 machine of the nuclear power plant was deprived of the cooling function because of a breakdown of a power supply, 28 students from preschoolers through high school students and about 60 teachers and staffs participated in a drill. 

The children noticed a flash of the red light in the school which tells an abnormal outbreak and  gathered in the audio training room, led by the teachers and staffs using sign language. 

The children put on a blanket, boarded a school bus and moved to the gymnasium in the school where was chosen as the evacuation place beforehand. The teachers directed the children, saying, "Come in immediately in the building, and avoid the outside air." 

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