Deaf persons learn a flow of a fire fighting emergency call

March 18, 2015      
A group of Deaf persons visit a fire 
fighting order center over glass.

Kamo-cho, Nagano Prefecture :

The highly functional fire fighting direction center in the Fire Fighting Head Office located in Kamo-cho in central Japan will accept an emergency report from a Deaf person through an e-mail or a fax from April.

Members of Chino-shi Association of the Deaf in the prefecture visited the center on March 13, learned how to give a direction through a screen in the center and deepened the understanding about a flow from reception of an emergency call to dispatch.
An emergency call by an e-mail or a fax was accepted only by Chino Fire Department among the six fire departments under the head office up to now. Following the request of the Association of the Deaf, all the six Fire Departments in the city will accept an emergency call from a Deaf person.

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