Deaf nightclub hostess announces candidacy for ward assembly election

February 25, 2015      
Saito Rie tells her decision on her 
candidacy by means of writing.

Kita-ku, Tokyo:
Saito Rie, 31, a woman with hearing impairment, explained that she would runs for the Kita-ku election in Tokyo (notification on April 19 and voting and vote counting on April 26) as one of the officially-ticketed candidates of the political party named "The Assembly to Energize Japan" as a part of the unification local election in April. 

She turned over each page of a sketchbook that a message was written about her running at the press conference in the Diet on February 25. Her agenda as a politician, as she states, are "barrier-free society", "female social advancement", "child rearing and low birthrate problem".

Asked about a reason for running, Saito answered by means of writing again,  "I am a hearing-impaired person, a mother and also a woman. I'd like to change society as a person concerned." 

Saito is an author of a best-seller autobiography titled "The Hostess Talks In Writing".

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