Deaf and hearing persons share experience in shelter management game

March 17, 2015  
The "shelter management game"

Kofu-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture:

A group of Deaf persons and interpreters held an event on how to manage a shelter at the time of a disaster with hearing persons at the Town Public Hall in Kofu-shi in the prefecture, part of eastern Japan on March 15. About 80 Deaf and hearing persons participated in the "shelter management game". 

The game intends to provide some experience in shelter management, played by participants through the use of cards, on which vital informations such as the gender of the refuge, family structure and a chronic disease, etc. are written, to put on a sketch of a shelter.

It was assumed that a great earthquake occurred in the sea near Shizuoka Prefecture on the day, and an elementary school as a shelter. The Deaf participants shared an opinion one another with the hearing counterparts through the interpreters about the location of the relief resource and the television, and discussed where an infant, the family with a pet and a sick person should stay as if being a local body official.

The event committee said, "Such an experience will be helpful to both a Deaf person with the less information and a hearing person to come into action together".

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