Deaf actor lectures at sign language festival

March 2, 2015   
Izaki Tetsuya lectures while 
showing signed performance.

Tsu-shi, Mie Prefecture:

The first "Ear Care Day - Sign Language Performance", aiming at the spread of an understanding of sign language, was held at the Tsu Center Palace in western Japan on March 1.

The Prefecture Association of the Deaf sponsored this event associated with the "Ear Care Day" of March 3. Three hundred persons including the Deaf participated and enjoyed the event with a drama and dancing performance by three groups in the prefecture, and a bazaar of handicrafts items as well as a lecture.

Izaki Tetsuya, 62, gave a lecture on how to enjoy a performance. He is a Deaf actor and sub leader of the "Japanese Deaf Theatre", dealing with ambitious performances using sign language such as the pantomime and the 'Kyogen' (Japanese traditional comedy).

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